Jesus Film App 3.0 - Redesigned with You in Mind

The Jesus Film App has new features to help you share you faith more easily and discover new films can help other know Jesus. Here’s a quick summary of all the changes the 3.0 release features...

NEW! User Accounts: Create an account to make sharing your faith easier and faster.
NEW! "Interests": A new way to discover videos, based on what is of interest to you.
NEW! Playlists: If you have a favorite set of films or clips, you can put them into a playlist and share them with others.
IMPROVED - user interface


Create and share playlists of videos that are tailor-made for the person you want to share Jesus with.

As an example, you can create a Playlist entitled "Encounters with Jesus," which may include the following segments from the "JESUS" film:

  • Woman Anoints Jesus
  • Miraculous Catch of Fish
  • Healing of Bartimaeus
  • Jesus and Zacchaeus
  • Peter Declares Jesus to be the Christ

Each of these film segments demonstrate a life that was changed by Jesus when they encountered Him. You could share this playlist with a friend and ask them to consider how Jesus intersected these people and how He might intersect theirs.

When you create a playlist, you can share them with others, or see playlists created by others.  


User accounts help you manage your preferences. By creating an account, you will be able to see saved videos and watch history, as well as create and edit playlists - whether yours or others who have shared them with you.

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