Wiring a Donation Via Your Bank (Wire Transfer)

You can make a donation to the ministry via bank-to-bank wire transfer with two simple steps.

First, please call our specialized donations team at 1-888-278-7233 and ask for the seven items (below) necessary to implement a transfer. You will also need to let the Donation Services Representative know the name of your bank and the approximate amount of your gift to ensure it is correctly assigned, tracked and processed in a timely manner within the Cru (Campus Crusade for Christ) contributions system.

  1. Cru/JFP bank name
  2. Cru/JFP bank address
  3. Cru/JFP bank routing number
  4. SWIFT Code (for int'l wires)
  5. Cru/JFP bank account name
  6. Cru/JFP Address
  7. Cru/JFP bank account number

Secondly, contact your bank and provide them with the information above and instruct them to make your wire transfer gift. You will also need to specify "Special Instructions: For Jesus Film Project to be used for..." (e.g. new language, film equipment, etc.).

Your gift will help accelerate the work of taking the gospel to the world through this ministry. Thank you for making a difference now, and for eternity.

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