We want everyone, everywhere to encounter Jesus

How to serve with Jesus Film Project

We want to bring "JESUS" to 5 billion people by 2025. It is a massive undertaking, and we cannot do it alone. Do you feel called to help us in this mission? If so, there are many ways you can participate, from full-time jobs to supported internships to volunteer positions.

Paid Staff

We typically have some hourly and salaried positions available at the Jesus Film Project offices located at Cru World Headquarters, mostly clerical and administrative, though there are some positions that require unique skills, training or experience.

Supported Staff

Like other Cru projects and ministries, Jesus Film Project Supported Staff members raise their own financial support to cover salary, benefits and ministry expenses. We will provide you with the training you will need to develop a team of ministry partners who will support your ministry.


Grow your skills while spreading the gospel. Discover our 1- and 2-year internships at our offices in Orlando, FL and on mission fields throughout the world.